Thank you Ella for your efforts and your fair review of our Keratin Collagen Dead Sea salts Shampoo!

Ella Review
We have chosed these quitations from the review for you our beloved fans:

“Hey guys!
Dr Schedu Berlin asked me a few weeks ago if I’m interested in testing one of their products. My hair is really fractious and I have to fight out a feud almost every day (which I often lose) Therefore I took the chance.It is about the keratin and collagen shampoo.”

“Let’s start with the packaging.I really like the screw closure so you can take this product with you on vacation without being afraid that it could ruin your bag.”

“What makes this shampoo special?
It contains a lot of keratin and collagen,which encases your hair and fills little fissures.Moreover it contains minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea (400m depth).It promises to make your hair more shiny,gives it more volume and makes it smooth,elastic and easy to comb.”

“This shampoo made my hair much more tender,soft and fluffily.I’m really excited about it! After washing it was much more easier to comb my hair.”

“Also you should know that it is produced without animal testing,it silicon-free,made in Germany and if you buy a bottle 1€ is donated to orphans in Iraq.Later on they want to support other countries too.”

You can also take a look at Ella´s Video in German: